Born of Decay


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released November 8, 2004



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PARASITIC San Diego, California

Parasitic is an American death metal band from San Diego, California. Formed in 2004, the group is known for their blast beats with short groove/break down riffs with virulent double bass drumming that are a highlight to the more complex down tuned riff structures. The ugly monstrous vocals are thundering, harsh and convey lyrical topics such as misanthropy, endtimes and the human condition. ... more

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Track Name: Infested Within
Voices lay siege on the brain, unseen disembodied hordes
Spread infection through the mind, corrupting from within
Trapped beneath their smothering weight they make me their slave to murder
Behind these eyes, the brood inside my head tightens its grip on me
Forcing me to obey their every whim and machination
Bodies lie strewn, flayed and dissected
I strip away my flesh from bone
All to appease their insatiable, ravenous thirst for bloodshed ...
The hands that defile this carcass are no longer my own
These unspeakable acts done not of my own volition
The swarm exhorts me-kill
Infests, rots my mind away (away)
I come to, awash in blood, jacking innocents to chunks
Clothed in tepid human flesh, unaware of what I've done
Bodies hang from rusty hooks
The horrid stench of death overwhelms
Skulls adorn my sanctum in this
Den of iniquity, this charnel
Murder over takes my life
The meaning of existence - to kill
This body sanctified with blood
A sacred place of death - for them
From dark recesses, in the back of my mind
They await for new prey
Lashing forward, making me their instrument
Of murder once again
Catatonic, I am left observer to this depravity
Biliow, pallid, sick at the sight, yet I know that it will not end
Track Name: Ichthyosis

visions of alien vistas haunt my dreams

cyclopean, hewn not of human hands

labyrinthine, monolithic, foreboding

stirring in darkness, its denizens call to me...

eyes awake from fitful sleep, head swimming

otherworldly murterings resound through my mind

echoing memories
forgotten, forsaken by time

deep within my being, something is awakened...
...inside me
the onset of change erupts and I welcome its arrival

antediluvian voices beckon from below

to bestow upon my crown a diadem of immortality

beneath the churning waters, in the lair of the deep ones

consanguinity awakens in me -becoming one of their kind

ichor of the ancients nows through me

this metamorphosis is nearly complete

their presence tangible, as they lie in wait

with outstretched arms' this eldritch homecoming

i have become one with my destiny,

my true heritage manifest as one of the old

the rules of mortals no longer govern me

that which was imprisoned, has been unleashed

i step away from my humanity's last vestige, for iam reborn

in ageless, unending glory

descending beyond the furthest reaches of the reef, into the abyss

to live devoid of any trace of mankind, in dark regality

basking in the brilliance of the emerald glow of eternity

to live beyond the reach of sickening human filth

among insects, a god.

"we shall dive down through black abysses...

and in that lair of the deep
oncs we shall dwell amidst wonder and glory forever.